6 Best Guardians Of The Galaxy Comic Book Issues Ever

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The recent release, “Thor: Love and Thunder,” draws heavily on the captivating Thor comic books from 2013 and 2014, penned by Jason Aaron with art from Esad Ribić and Russell Dauterman. For those eager to discover the potential direction of the Guardians of the Galaxy in their cinematic adventures, their top comic issues, especially those linking them to Thor and the Avengers, are a great starting point.

Among the most acclaimed Guardians of the Galaxy comics are those detailing their thrilling origins—spanning from the 31st century’s initial team to today’s well-loved contemporary lineup. These issues set the Guardians against formidable cosmic foes like Thanos and Annihilus, often teaming them with surprising allies such as the X-Men.

Thor Annual Comic

1. Thor Annual

Significantly influencing the new movie, the Guardians of the Galaxy’s historical ties with Thor are well-documented in Marvel Comics. A prime example is Thor Annual #6 from 1977, which expertly merges the original Guardians from the 31st century with the then-current events of Earth-616 in the main Marvel timeline. This special issue confronts the Guardians with Korvac, an infamous Avengers adversary, setting the stage for their time-traveling escapades with the Avengers.

Avengers #177 Comic

2. Avengers

Highlighted in Avengers #177, this comic is not only a pinnacle in Avengers storytelling but also a significant chapter for the Guardians of the Galaxy. Here, both teams unite to tackle the monumental cosmic menace posed by Korvac, after he gains immense power from Galactus. This plot lays the groundwork for the Guardians’ eventual cinematic battle against Thanos and sparks several other major Marvel cosmic narratives, including The Infinity Gauntlet.

Marvel Super-Heroes Comic

3. Marvel Super-Heroes

Marvel Super-Heroes #18 from 1969 marks the inception of the Guardians of the Galaxy. The founding members—Vance Astro, Martinex T’Naga, Captain Charlie-27, and Yondu Udonta—band together to resist the despotic Badoon in an alternate future known as Earth-691. This issue introduces pivotal elements of the Guardians’ lore, such as Yondu and Centauri IV, and sets the stage for further developments in their cinematic saga.

Comic Guardians of the Galaxy #6

4. Guardians of the Galaxy

In Guardians of the Galaxy #6, the narrative returns to the Guardians’ initial adversaries, the Badoon, in the 31st century. This issue is noteworthy for the introduction of Angela, an angelic warrior from the Spawn universe, to the Guardians team. Following legal disputes, her character was acquired by Marvel and woven into the Guardians’ story, where it’s revealed she is Thor’s long-lost sister, further linking the Guardians to the Asgardian god.

Comic The Thanos Imperative

5. The Thanos Imperative

The climactic Thanos Imperative #6 caps off a significant 2010 storyline where entities from the Cancerverse invade the Marvel Universe. This pivotal issue features Thanos ending Drax the Destroyer’s life and Star-Lord’s heroic self-sacrifice in the collapsing Cancerverse, with Nova remaining by his side. The aftermath leads to the disbanding of both the Nova Corps and the Guardians of the Galaxy, underscoring the issue’s lasting impact on the series.

These comic book issues offer rich narratives that have helped shape the Guardians of the Galaxy’s path in both comics and films, making them essential reads for fans and newcomers alike.

Comic Guardians of the Galaxy #1

6. Guardians of the Galaxy

Guardians of the Galaxy #1 is a seminal issue in the series, released in 2008 by the talented duo of artist Andy Lanning and writer Dan. This comic is pivotal for introducing the modern iteration of the team, which significantly deviates from its original version. It showcases the formation of the now-iconic group featuring characters like Star-Lord, Gamora, Rocket Raccoon, and Groot, who have garnered immense popularity through their cinematic portrayals.

This edition is critical in shifting the narrative style to a more irreverent and bold tone, contrasting sharply with the more traditional storytelling of the original Guardians from the 31st century. This fresh approach has resonated strongly with audiences, making it a cornerstone in the Guardians of the Galaxy’s successful integration into the Marvel Cinematic Universe.


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