Revised Partnership Agreement For Call of Duty Leagye With Activision

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Call of Duty

The Call of Duty League and Activision have finalized a revised partnership agreement aimed at boosting revenue opportunities for both teams and players. This innovative agreement introduces enhanced revenue prospects along with certain guarantees.

“Following a season marked by unprecedented viewership peaks and historic highs in live event attendances, it’s clear that the Call of Duty League is on an upward trajectory. As such, we’re intensifying our focus on the business aspects to ensure the enduring success of Call of Duty esports,” commented Daniel Tsay, General Manager of Call of Duty Esports.

“Over the last several months, we’ve engaged with Team Owners to devise a strategy that promises shared prosperity. I’m thrilled to reveal the revamped team agreement framework today, crafted to bolster the sustainability of competitive Call of Duty,” Tsay added.

Key highlights of this new arrangement include the cancellation of all outstanding entry fees and the issuance of refunds to teams that had previously paid these fees. Furthermore, the agreement guarantees teams higher revenue from their in-game item sales, Champs bundles, and provides increased subsidies for hosting live events, along with a two-year minimum revenue assurance.

“Our teams are pivotal in crafting the future of the league. By enhancing our investment in these teams through these adjustments, we aim to keep the momentum of the Call of Duty League going strong,” stated Tsay.

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Further Reductions at Activision Blizzard Affect Esports Team

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Shortly following Microsoft’s decision to release 1,900 employees, additional reductions have been implemented at Activision Blizzard.

Reports from CharlieIntel suggest that a significant portion of the esports department at Activision Blizzard has been dismissed. This occurred merely two days after the conclusion of the Call of Duty League’s Boston Breach Major I tournament.

Scott Parkin, the former senior manager of esports operations at Activision Blizzard, expressed his discontent on Twitter regarding the situation.

“They went through with it,” he stated. “They made us work knowing what was coming and dismissed us on our day off. Their disregard for basic decency is appalling.”

Commentator Matt Morello also revealed his dismissal as part of the recent cuts.

“Sadly, today, I was dismissed from Blizzard along with numerous other talented esports professionals,” he mentioned.

On Monday, Microsoft named Johanna Faries, a former executive at Activision, as the new president of Blizzard. She is slated to begin her new position on February 5.

At present, there is no concrete figure on the total number of employees dismissed in this latest wave at Activision Blizzard. It remains uncertain whether these dismissals are included in the previously announced 1,900 job cuts. However, it is speculated that the esports team now consists of roughly a dozen remaining members. According to Insider Gaming, the esports department is expected to undergo restructuring under a “new business model” that aims to realign with the team’s evolving objectives.