F1 24: Evolutionary Updates in the Latest Edition – A Detailed PS5 Review

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  • The Career Mode in F1 24 continues to impress with its robust offerings, including the popular My Team feature and the innovative Driver Recognition System, providing a gameplay experience that is both familiar and enjoyable.
  • Practice sessions play a crucial role in gathering resources, enhancing the strategic element of the game. The introduction of the Challenge Career mode adds a competitive edge to online play, appealing to those seeking a more adversarial gaming experience.
  • F1 24 caters to players of all skill levels through various gameplay modes, ensuring broad appeal. The game shines in delivering thrilling, moment-to-moment action, though the AI could benefit from further refinement to enhance realism and player engagement.

In recent years, Formula One has experienced a dip in its excitement levels, largely due to Red Bull’s dominance, which has made the sport somewhat predictable. Video games like the engaging F1 23 have provided fans with a semblance of the adrenaline-pumping excitement of real F1 racing. Now, Codemasters and EA Sports return with F1 24, the newest installment in their long-standing series.

F1 24, the latest rendition of the official Formula One video game, brings the intensity of the sport into the virtual realm. It includes all the official F1 teams, drivers, and circuits, along with last year’s F2 championships. This title retains a host of familiar features from previous installments and delivers top-notch quality without introducing groundbreaking innovations.

Creating Your F1 Legacy

Codemasters has previously found great success with its F1 Career Modes, continuously refining its blend of vehicle enhancement and simulation-style racing. A key feature is the “My Team” mode, where players can build and manage their own F1 team, striving for the pinnacle of F1 racing, though with modest updates and somewhat restricted customization options.

The Career Mode also offers traditional pathways, where players start in F2 or jump directly into F1 with an established team. Additionally, a two-player career mode is available for online collaboration with a friend. A notable new feature is the ability to undertake the career of a real-world driver, coupled with a Driver Recognition System, maintaining a consistent gameplay feel with previous versions. These options provide a rich, simulated F1 experience.

Moreover, the Challenge Career introduces a competitive twist, inviting players to ascend online leaderboards. This mode transforms the traditional career narrative into a competitive arena, ideally suited for those not interested in direct multiplayer racing. While it may not captivate die-hard fans for long, it represents an effective twist on the conventional gameplay format.

Racing F1 24

A Racing Experience Tailored to All Levels

The F1 series by Codemasters caters to a broad audience, offering a variety of difficulty settings and gameplay customizations that enhance with every new edition. The difficulty settings range from nearly simulation-level at its highest to more forgiving, arcade-like settings for beginners. Various gameplay modes cater to different player preferences.

The F1 World mode, for example, offers a gamified approach to the F1 experience, focused on technical upgrades and achieving specific objectives, which may not appeal to purists seeking authentic racing but provides ample engagement for others.

While F1 24 omits some features like the occasional story mode seen in previous versions, it still offers a comprehensive package for all player types. Whether engaging in career modes, multiplayer battles, or simply exploring new gameplay for a casual racing experience, there is plenty to enjoy. However, players should be wary of in-game purchases, particularly for cosmetic items which the game promotes from time to time.

Consistently High-Quality Moments

F1 24 maintains its reputation for delivering exceptional moment-to-moment gameplay, offering a racing experience that stands apart. Codemasters focuses on creating a playable version of Formula One that captures the essence of the sport in unique ways. Each race offers intense, engaging gameplay that closely mimics the excitement of actual F1 races.

This edition sees some improvements in mechanics such as smoother handling and enhanced effects when drafting behind other cars. Additionally, there have been updates to tire wear mechanics and visual upgrades that enhance the realism, especially in wet conditions. The game’s interface also sees subtle improvements, adding to the overall aesthetic and functional experience.

However, the game does encounter minor issues that detract from the immersive experience, such as occasional miscommunications from the pit crew and aggressive AI that can disrupt the flow of the race. Addressing these issues could further refine an already solid game.