Understanding the Pity System in Wuthering Waves

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“In Wuthering Waves, the pity system activates upon the expenditure of 80 Tides on any banner, ensuring the receipt of a 5-star character or weapon. This system is designed to carry over across multiple banners, providing players the opportunity to accumulate Tides and enhance their chances of obtaining premium items. Effective management of the pity count is essential for maximizing the efficiency of banner pulls, particularly as the game does not feature an integrated counter for tracking these efforts. This strategy is key for players aiming to optimize their results and make the most out of every game session.”

Wuthering Waves is now accessible, and its gameplay, reminiscent of Genshin Impact, is earning positive feedback due to its engaging action RPG elements. Created by Kuro Games, this gacha game boasts dynamic, fluid combat and expansive world exploration, drawing clear parallels to the likes of Breath of the Wild—and naturally, Genshin Impact as well. Players can enjoy the game on both mobile and PC platforms, complete with controller support, and there are future plans to expand to consoles.

Wuthering Waves includes a unique banner system within its gacha mechanics, where players use a currency called Tides to acquire new characters and weapons. Most gacha games have a pity system integrated into their structure to prevent players from facing disheartening outcomes. This system essentially serves as a safeguard, activating after a player has spent a certain amount of Tides to ensure they receive their desired character or weapon. The efficacy of these systems can vary, and here’s an explanation of how it functions in Wuthering Waves.

Mechanics of Wuthering Waves’ Pity System

The pity system in Wuthering Waves is intricately tied to its banner mechanics. The game operates with a standard permanent banner using one type of currency, and a rate-up, limited-time banner using another. The guidelines for deploying Tides on these banners are as follows:

  • Every 10 attempts on either the permanent banner (Tidal Chorus) or the limited-time banners guarantees at least one 4-star character or weapon.
  • Every 80 attempts on any banner ensures the acquisition of a 5-star character or weapon.
  • While weapon banners guarantee the rate-up weapon once pity is triggered, character banners offer a 50/50 chance between the rate-up character and another 5-star character.
  • If a player loses their 50/50 chance on the first pity trigger and reaches another pity trigger, they are assured the rate-up character on their next attempt.

The system is triggered when 80 Tides are spent on any banner, as illustrated in the description above. At this point, the player is automatically awarded a 5-star character or weapon. Significantly, there are no uncertainties with weapon banners, making the choice between acquiring a new character or weapon simpler—weapons always cost a maximum of 80 Tides, whereas a desired character might require up to 160 Tides.

For the Tidal Chorus banner, the pity operates slightly differently. It is still limited to 80 Tides before activation, but this banner does not guarantee a specific character after 160 Tides, as it features a continuous pool of characters instead of a rate-up character.

Pity System Continuity in Wuthering Waves

Great news for players of Wuthering Waves—pity points do indeed carry over from one banner to the next. This feature allows players who may not achieve their goal of acquiring a 5-star character or weapon within a limited-time rate-up banner, despite spending up to 50 Tides, to retain their accumulated pity count. This count will then be applied to subsequent similar banners. Consequently, Wuthering Waves maintains separate pity counts for four distinct banner types: permanent character, permanent weapon, limited-time character, and limited-time weapon banners.

Mastering the tracking of pity can prove highly advantageous in gacha games, particularly in those with rapidly changing metagames. Although Wuthering Waves is relatively new and its metagame has yet to fully develop, understanding when to strategically spend Tides can significantly enhance an account’s potency with minimal resource investment.

Generally, players face a strategic choice regarding pity: either concentrate on limited-time banners where they can achieve pity twice (requiring 160 Tides saved or accumulated during the banner’s duration) or focus on highly desirable limited-time banners. By adopting this strategy, even when pity triggers across various rate-ups, the outcome is likely to substantially benefit the player’s roster of characters and weapons, thereby optimizing their overall game progression.


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